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The JB4-HX711 is an amplifier for load cells and strain gauges. It combines the functionality of the HX711C and the JB4 to simplify weighing installations. Multiple load cell outputs are summed and it uses the HX711 Integrated Circuit (IC) to convert the mV/V output signals from load cells into amplified digital value that can be read by a microcontroller or PLC system.



  • 24-bit Analog to Digital converter with programmable Gain
  • 2-wire Serial Interface
  • Selectable data rate of 10Hz or 80Hz
  • Plug and play connectivity with on-board connectors
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi compatible
  • Low-power operation in Power Down Mode



  • Weight systems
  • Stress testing machines
  • Commercial sensing machines



  • Cables with matching connectors



Power Supply 2.6 – 5.5V
Nominal Current 1.5mA
Power Down Current 0.5uA
Common Mode Input GND + 1.2V VCC – 1.3V
Output Settling Time 400 ms
Input Offset Drift(Gain = 128) 0.2 mV
Temperature Drift(Gain = 128)  ±5 ppm/°C
Input Common Mode Rejection (Gain = 128) 100 dB
Power Supply Rejection (Gain = 128) 100 dB


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