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The HX711N is an amplifier for load cells and strain gauges. It uses the HX711 Integrated Circuit (IC) to convert the mV/V output signals from load cells into amplified digital value that can be read by a microcontroller or PLC system. Unlike the HX711C, the HX711N does not come with on-board connectors and has solder terminals instead. Users can solder the load cell or strain gauge wires directly or use standard 2.54mm headers for prototyping.



  • 24-bit Analog to Digital converter with programmable Gain
  • 2-wire Serial Interface
  • Selectable data rate of 10Hz or 80Hz
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi compatible
  • Low-power operation in Power Down Mode



  • Weight systems
  • Stress testing machines
  • Commercial sensing machines



  • 2.54mm Header pins



Power Supply 2.6 – 5.5V
Nominal Current 1.5mA
Power Down Current 0.5uA
Common Mode Input GND + 1.2V VCC – 1.3V
Output Settling Time 400 ms
Input Offset Drift(Gain = 128) 0.2 mV
Temperature Drift(Gain = 128)  ±5 ppm/°C
Input Common Mode Rejection (Gain = 128) 100 dB
Power Supply Rejection (Gain = 128) 100 dB


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