The JB4 is a special amplifier for load cells and strain gauges. It is also known as a “Junction Box” or “Summing Box” Unlike the HX711C, the JB4 combines multiple load cell and averages all the values into a single value. The input is in millivolts and the output is also in millivolts. The JB4 also contains a tuning circuit in each of the load cell inputs to balance any differences in the output.

***This amplifier cannot read each individual load cell***


  • Plug and play connectivity with on-board connectors
  • Individual input tuning circuit
  • Calibration Mode set with jumper
  • Compatible with HX711C and HX711N
  • Low-power operation in Power Down Mode



  • Weight systems
  • Stress testing machines
  • Beehive scales



  • Cables with matching connectors for load cell or strain gauge
  • Cables with matching connectors for HX711C



Power Supply 2.6 – 5.5V
Nominal Current 2.5mA



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