The ZHKY901 is  a  rugged non-contact type torque sensor ideal for high torque applications with maximum of 300kN·m. The ZHKY901

is built with a stainless steel shaft and an aluminum body that can high capacities at high speeds of up to 8000RPM.


  • Available capacity: 5N.m~300kN.m
  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Removable connector
  • Optional: Angular position sensor

**Dimensions may vary depending on capacity please check datasheets in the Downloads section**



  • Laboratory test machine
  • Torque dynamometer



  • Meters
  • Couplings
  • Sensorcon Vue Software



Capacity 5N.m~300,000Nm
Speed Range Max. 8000RPM
Accuracy 0.5% F.S (Default)

0.1% F.S (Optional)

0.2% F.S (Optional)

Additional Function Angle Measurement (Rotary Encoder)
Operating Voltage ±15 VDC
Operating Temp. Range 0~50℃
Frequency response 100μs
Output signal 0-12V square wave

Zero torque : 10KHz

Clockwise Full scale: 15KHz

Anti-Clockwise Full scale: 5KHz

Load current: <10mA

Cable connection Red: Exc+

Black: Exc –

Green: Signal +

White: Signal-

(Varies with output type)


Please choose below:

Datasheet 5-500N.m

Datasheet 500-2000N.m

Datasheet 1k-300kN.m

Mechanical Drawing 1k-300kN.m

Mechanical Drawing 5-500N.m