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The ZHKY2050 is a series of non-contact type torque sensors ideal for testing and measurement of industrial rotating machines. Designed to be small and rugged it can easily be installed in a variety of industrial applications. The sensor can output torque and, optionally, speed for measuring power exerted by the attached rotating machine.



  • Available capacity:
  • Customizable shaft sizes
  • Torque output and optional speed output


  • Dynamometers
  • Turbine testing
  • Electric motor testing


  • Couplings
  • Sensorcon Vue Software


Torque capacity 5N·m~1000N·m
Excitation voltage: ±15V DC (for frequency signal output),
12-24V DC (for voltage or current signal output)
Torque signal output 5~15Khz (Amplitude 12V,  Zero 10kHz) default
4~20mA,  1~5V,  0-10V (optional) with build-in amplifier.
Speed range 0~8000 RPM
Speed signal output Pulse (Standard sensor does not support speed measure, sensor with speed measurement, the length of the sensor is 30mm longer)
Accuracy ±0.25%, ±0.5%
Annual stability 0.25%/ year
Working Temperature range:  -20 ~ 60 ° C (can customize high temperature type -20 ~ 120 ° C)
Relative humidity 0~90%RH
Insulted resistance:  ≥2000MΩ(100VDC)
Safety overload:  120 %F·S
Ultimate overload: 150 %F·S
Frequency response 1ms
Cable length:  3 m
Cable connection: Red: Exc+     Black: Exc –      Green: Signal +       White: Signal-


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