The SC932  is a half-bridge micro load cell ideal for body scales. The SC932 is high capacity with a maximum of only 50kg. It also has feet pre-installed to the load cell body to simplify installation.

***Mounting assembly/module may be necessary as the SC928NB has no mounting holes***



  • Available Capacity: 50kg
  • Available in Half Bridge configuration (4 sensors)
  • Alloy Steel Construction


  • Kitchen scale
  • Pricing scale
  • Body scale



Capacity 50kg
Accuracy 0.3%F.S
Rated output  1.0 ± 0.15mv/V
Creep ±0.15 %F·S/10min
Non-linearity ±0.2 %F·S
Hysteresis error ±0.2 %F·S
Repeatability ±0.15 %F·S
Zero balance ±0.3 mv/V
Temp. effect on sensitivity 0.2 F·S/10℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.2%F·S/10℃
Compensated temp. -10-+40℃
Insulation resistance ≥ 2000 MΩ(100VDC)
Operating temp. -10-+40℃
Excitation voltage 5~10 VDC
Defend grade IP66
Load cell material  Alloy steel
Connecting cable Φ0.8x300mm


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