The SC639M is a miniature load cell that is ideal for low capacity. It has a special bone structure that  allows it handle smaller capacities for small applications. Note that because of its special structure, its maximum capacity is only 2KG



  • Available Capacity:100g-750g, 1kg, 2kg
  • Anodized aluminum body


  • Kitchen scales
  • Portable scales


Capacity 100g-750g, 1kg, 2kg
Output sensitivity Refer to table
Non-linearity 0.03 %F.S.
Repeatability 0.03 %F.S.
Hysteresis 0.03 %F.S.
Creep 0.03%F·S/3min
Zero Output ± 0.1 m V/V
Temp. Effect on Zero 0.03%F.S/10℃
Temp. Effect on Span 0.03 %F.S 10℃
Insulation Resistance ≥ 2000 MΩ
Excitation Voltage 5~10VDC
Operating Temp. range -10~+50℃
Four corner error ± 0.05% F.S.
Safe overload 120% F.S.
Ultimate Overload 150% F.S.
Material Aluminum alloy
Connecting cable 0.8x100mm


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