The SC218 is a round button load cell for heavy compression weighing applications. It is rated for IP68 and is ideal for harsh environment. The SC218 is also available in stainless steel for added resistance for corrosive environments.



  • Available capacity: 2T, 5T, 10T, 25T, 50T,100T
  • Alloy steel or Stainless steel construction
  • Optional accessories: Load ball and pin

Sizes and mounting holes vary depending on the capacity, see datasheet for more details.


  • Universal testing machines
  • Platform scales
  • Silo scales


Capacity 5klb-200klb

2ton-100 ton

Rated output 2.0±0.04mV/V
Accuracy class 0.05 %F·S

0.03 %F·S (Optional)

Combined error ≤± 0.030 %F·S
Creep 0.016 %F·S/30min
Temp. effect on sensitivity 0.0016 %F·S/℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.003 %F·S/℃
Zero balance ±1.0 %F·S
Input resistance 365±10 ohm
Output resistance 350±3 ohm
Insulation resistance 5000 MΩ(50V)
Excitation voltage 8~15V
Compensated temp. range -10~+40 ℃
Operating temp. range -35~+80 ℃
Safe overload 150 %F·S
Ultimate overload 200 %F·S
Load cell material Alloy steel

Stainless steel (Optional)

Connecting cable 5-25klb Φ5.7x8m

5-200klb Φ5.7x13m



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