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The SC134FB is body weight micro sensor load cell designed to reduce the cost of electronic scale as well as improves the reliability and performance. SC134FB has IP66 protection, compact alloy steel design and is easy to install.



  • Available Capacity: 10kg, 30kg, 50kg, 75kg
  • Available in Half Bridge and Full Bridge configuration
  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • Small & Compact


  • Kitchen scale
  • Pricing scale
  • Small weighing scale
  • Force test equipment


Rated capacity 10kg,30kg,50kg
Accuracy 0.05% F·S
 Zero balance  ±0.3mv/V
 Output sensitivity 1.0±0.2mV/V
 linearity  0.05% F·S
 Repeatability   0.05% F·S
 Hysteresis error  0.05% F·S
 Creep  0.05% F·S /3min
 Temp. effect on span  ±0.1% F·S /10℃
 Temp. effect on zero  ±0.1% F·S /10℃
 Input resistance  1000±10Ω
 Output resistance  1000±10Ω
 Insulation resistance  ≥2000MΩ
 Excitation voltage  5~10VDC
 Operating temp. range  -10~+40℃
 Defend grade  IP66
Connecting cable Φ8x200mm
Unit weight 12g /unit
 Material  alloy steel
 Ultimate overload   150% F·S


Please choose below:

Datasheet (Half-Bridge)

Datasheet (Full-Bridge)