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This SC902 is a body scale weight miniature load cell ideal for electronic scale and other high accuracy electronic weighing devices. SC902 is made of alloy steel load cell for great reliability and can be installed in hard to reach area because of its compact form factor.

The SC902 is available in Full Bridge and Half Bridge variants to best suit installation needs.


Capacity 10kg-50kg
Zero output ±0.5mV/V
Accuracy 0.3% F·S
Rated output Refer to table
Non-linearity 0.2% F·S
Hysteresis 0.2% F·S
Repeatability 0.1 % F·S
Creep 0.1%FS/3min
Input resistance 1000±10Ω
output resistance 1000±10Ω
Insulation resistance ≥2000MΩ
Excitation voltage 3~10VDC
Operating temperature -10~+40ºC
Temp effect on zero 0.3% F·S /10ºC
Temp effect on span 0.3% F·S /10ºC
Ultimate overload 150%
Connecting cable 280mm or 1000mm
Unit weight 25g/unit
Package 200 sets per carton


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