This SC8320M is a special variant of the SC8320.This sensor combines the standard SC8320 load cell with a customized mounting module for heavy applications. It has specialized mounting part on both the rigid and floating ends for easy installation. The floating end also incorporates a ball joint to simplify alignment and installation.  As the  load cell is based SC8320, available capacities are from 50KG to 10 Tonnes but it is recommended to using the mounting module for high capacities.


  • Available capacity:  0.05T – 10T
  • Alloy steel construction

Sizes and mounting holes vary depending on the capacity, see datasheet for more details.


  • Platform scales
  • Silo or Tank scales
  • Hopper scales


Capacity 0.05T-10T
Rated output 3.0±0.04mV/V
Accuracy class 0.05% F·S (Standard)

0.03% F·S (Optional)

Combined error ≤± 0.030 %RO
Creep 0.02 %RO/30min
Temp. effect on sensitivity 0.0016%RO/℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.003%RO/℃
Zero balance ±1.0 %RO
Input resistance 365± 10 ohm
Output resistance 350±3 ohm
Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ(50V)
Excitation voltage 5~12VDC
Compensated temp. range -10~+40℃
Operating temp. range -35~+80 ℃
Safe overload 150 %RO
Ultimate overload 200%RO
Load cell material Alloy steel (Standard)

Stainless steel (Optional)

Connecting cable 0.25-3TΦ5.7 x 3.5m 5-10TΦ5.7 x6m


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