The SC4818 is a heavy duty canister type load cell designed to measure compressive load in ranges from 10 Tonne to 40 Tonne. Built with either alloy steel or stainless steel it is suite for harsh measurement environments and is rated with an IP68 rating.



  • Available capacity: 20T, 30T, 40T
  • Alloy steel or stainless steel construction
  • Accessories: Load buttons and rubber seals



  • Industrial machinery
  • Testing machines
  • Truck scales


Capacity 20T, 30T, 40T
Rated output 2.0±0.004mV/V
Accuracy class 0.05 %F·S

0.03%F·S (Optional)

Combined error ≤± 0.020 %F·S
Creep 0.016 %F·S/30min
Temp. effect on sensitivity 0.0011 %F·S/℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.018 %F·S/℃
Zero balance ±1.0 %F·S
Input resistance 725±5 ohm
Output resistance 702±4 ohm
Insulation resistance 5000 MΩ(50V)
Excitation voltage 5~15V
Compensated temp. range -10~+40℃
Operating temp. range -40~+80 ℃
Safe overload 150 %F·S
Ultimate overload 200 %F·S
Load cell material Alloy steel

Stainless steel

Connecting cable Φ5.7x12m



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