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Part Number Breakdown


The CA strain gauge is a strain gauge designed with 3 linear strain gauges. Unlike BB strain gauges, CA strain gauges are oriented in 45° to help simplify installation in special applications.


  • Constantan grid material
  • Phenolic base material
  • Polyimide base material (Optional for High Temperature Environments)
  • Wire pre-bonded (Optional)


  • Stress analysis
  • Transducer construction


Parameters BF Series BF Series BA Series
Backing material Phenolic Modified phenolic Polyimide
Grid material Constantan Karma Constantan/Karma
Typical resistance 120/350/1000 350 /1000/2000 350 / 1000
Average resistance tolerance ≤ ±0.1%
Typical sensitivity 2.00~2.20 1.80~2.20 1.86~2.20
Sensitivity coefficient dispersion ≤ ±0.1%
Strain limit 2%
Fatigue life ≥ 107(±1000)
Operating temp. range -30~+80⁰C -30~+80⁰C -50~+50⁰C
Temp. self-compensation coefficient 9, 11,16,23,27

Grid Sizes

Type Model Grid Size
L (mm)
Grid Size
W (mm)
Base Size
L (mm)
Base Size
W (mm)
CA B*120-3CA-A(**)A*-F*-X 2.8 2.0 11.5 11.5
BA B*120-3BA(**)A*-F*-X 2.8 2.0 10.5 10.5

Material Properties

Type Model Grid Material Creep
CA B*120-3CA-A(**)A*-F*-X Constantan A4
BA B*120-3BA(**)A*-F*-X A4