PY3118  description


About Indicator Model Number:

PY3118 indicator contains the following 6 different model numbers:

Rubber keystroke set internal pin type micro printer type: PY3118-1

Execute Standard: GB/T 7724-2008

Accuracy Class:III


A/D Conversion Mode: adopt Δ-Σ technology, 24bits.

Input Sensitivity ≥ 1.5uV/e

A/D Conversion Resolution: 15,000,000

Load Cell Bridge Voltage: DC +5V, 1-12pcs 350Ω resistance stain gauge load cell.

 Load Cell Connection Mode: 6 wires (long distance compensation, about 50 meters)

Division: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 can be selected.

Display: 7 units LED, 7 state indicate lights, 3 power indicate lights.

Clock: clock can display year/moth/date, hour/minute/second, auto leap year, leap month, without effect by power off.

Remote display port: current loop output, 600bps,

Serial communication port:

Transmission Mode: RS232C/RS485

Baud Rate: 600/1200/2400/4800/9600 to be selected.

Transmission distance: RS232≤30m,RS485≤1200m

Print port: standard parallel output port.

The internal thermal mircro printer or pin type micro printer can be seted, slected with different indicator model numbers.

Thermal micro printer: Printing speed about 24mm/second, uses 57mm wide thermal printing paper, scroll diameter ≤40mm

Pin type micro pinter: Printing speed about 1 line per second, uses 44mm wide pin type printing paper, scroll diameter ≤40mm

Data storage: can store 1024pcs vehicle number and tare, 100pcs cargo items, 1024pcs weighing records.

Power supply: AC 110~220V,50~60Hz;

Outside connect 6V/10AH rechargeable battery.              

Working environment: Temperature: 0oC~40oC

Humidity ≤85%(RH),without condensation.

Storing environment:  Storage temperature: -20oC~60oC

Humidity ≤95%(RH),without condensation.


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