SNC is a professional manufacturer of load cells , strain gages, axle scales and indicators in China since it’s establishment.  Hardworking and much experienced engineers give us more advantage to provide better quality to our customers. we design, manufacture and distribute various load cells, indicators and scales to overseas market with high precision and reliability

Speed (Time to Market)

Focusing exclusively on weighing components and axle scales, SNC can respond faster and more accurate than its competitors in the ever-changing global market. Our speed in introducing new products that cater to market trends and customers is gained through our in-depth technological expertise and the seamless link between R&D and production.

Better service

SNC  has professional customer service people who will be on-line almost 12 hours everyday to help our customer solve their problem. We are professional, patient, and customer-oriented, that is also our company spirit . We always believe, customers will first get satisfied with our service then our products. Our company rule is we will responsed to our customers exactly on that enquiry day. That is to say, none of your question will get delayed tilll tomorrow. Faster and more professional services give our customers a sence of secure and that also win us a good fame almong our regular customers.

Cost Competitiveness

Even with relatively smaller R&D budget than competitors in China.  SNC has been able to develop a versatile product line and secure an edge in price competitiveness. The effective synergy created by our in-house production team and outsourced manufacturers, has contributed significantly in reducing the total cost of our products.

The main products we offer:

SNC focus on load cells,axle weigh scale,indicator and spare parts for weigh equipment.

We have developed this technology and exported to the world for more than 10 years.We are OEM and ODM.we not only provide products but also weigh solution.Best quality and unbeatable price will be your first choice! We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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